Have you ever wondered if a book can show you where to find love? The purpose of this article is to answer this question in as much detail as possible. There are those who say that a book cannot show you how to find love. But are these people right? People draw conclusions based on their experiences. Here is an example.

It is not uncommon for people to put their hopes in a how-to book to help them find love. Unfortunately, when you have been trying to find true love without success, and you turn your attention to a book and it does not help, it is not uncommon to conclude that a book cannot teach you how to find love. I can clearly understand this sort of feeling, generated as it often is from frustration and emotion.

Understanding How – To Books on Relationships

Let’s look at two examples of why some books are written:

Example #1. I will be brutally honest. Many books on relationship are written by people with no relationship counseling experience nor academic training in the field of relationship counseling. These authors take notes of what people are looking for, they decide on a topic, and then they employ a ghost writer to do the writing for them. And with endorsement from a famous person, sale goes through the roof. To make matters worse is the fact that many publicity companies promote the idea of people using ghost writers. Why? So that the authors will enlist the services of the publicity company. It is about making money. Not showing you where to find love.

Example #2. If you have been paying attention, most popular books on dating and relationship success are often based on or focus on sex, hook-ups and things of that nature. Upon completion of Do’s and Don’ts s Relationships , I was contacted by a publisher who wanted me to make the book more sexual in nature. Her reason? She said that that is what people want, and if I focus the content on sex, I am likely to sell hundreds of thousands of copies. She was not the only one who said that. The first editor I wanted to work with insisted that I should focus on how to find dates, sex and the various ways sexual acts can be performed.

The above two examples show how difficult it can be to learn where to find love through a book when people are demanding books that will teach them how to find sex rather than love.

Furthermore, many relationship-related books are written by talk show hosts. But did you know that most talk shows are all about ratings? When it is about ratings, it means it is not about helping you find love or telling you where to find love. It is that simple.

Key Things to Know About How-To Books

Whether a book can help you find love depends on who wrote the book and the intention for which the book was written. An author will make more money selling BS and empty dreams because it is what people want to hear. We are addicted to empty dreams. We are addicted to sex instead of true love, and as long as people demand these things, there are authors that will write how-to books to meet these needs.

Can a Book Show You Where to Find Love?

But if a book can show you how to find dates and sex, similarly, a book can show you how to find love. Yes, a book can show you and teach you how to find love. It all depends on the author, his or her relationship counseling experience, and most importantly the intention behind his or her book. Let’s look at this from another angle. When you attend high school, college or university, what do you learn from? You learn from books. For example, medical students learn from medical textbooks.

When you travel to a country you know very little about, how do you get around? By following a brochure. And what does a brochure, as well as books, contain? Information on how to accomplish what you seek. So you can see, a book can teach you how to find love, and there is more than enough facts and experiences to support this.

How Does a Book Show You How and Where to Find Love?

A book can show you how to find love if:

  • It was written with a sincere heart with real intent to help the reader.
  • It is written by someone with real experience in the field.
  • It provides you the tools to know what to do and the keys to unlock the door to success.
  • It is written to help you find answers to your questions and solutions to your concerns.

Guidelines for Buying How – To Books

You can prevent one disappointment after another by buying how-to books written by qualified authors. First read about the author. Find out about his or her credentials, and most importantly, make sure he or she has the qualifications you are looking for—the author of the book has to specialize in the area in which he or she writes about.

If you are trying to buy a book to discover how to find real love, buy from an author who specializes in what you are looking for. If you want to learn where to find love but invest in a book that focuses on one-night stands and hook-ups, don’t expect anything but what the book offers.