Cigarette is a thin tube of paper filled with tobacco that people smoke and it is very dangerous for health. On the basis of studies conducted, in the US at least one from five deaths is because of smoking. The smoking is being the harmful and most addictive over the counter drugs. The smoking causes the lung cancer in the body. Although, a man knows these causes but he still does smoke.

Past description of Smoking Cigarettes

Earlier than first World War, Cigars was smoked. Mainly, Wealthy people used to smoke the cigars. The less wealthy smoked cigarettes, which were made from the left materials of cigar making. With the increase in the production of cigarettes, unexpectedly a large number of smokers increased. And the users of the smokers are the soldiers of first World War. It needs little time to understand the use of these smoking.

Some people do Smoking for Mental Needs?

The expressed and explicit need is being the reason that around 20% to 50% of cigarettes are smoked. Most of the people depend upon smoke for improving their performance. Writers, Strategists and artists are using smoking to separate them from the world and to create new ideas.

There are some smokers who are fragile, anxiety and sensitive and the reason of smoking is that they treat cigarettes as tranquilizers and they used to do less instinctual smoking and more compelled smoking than others do.

The smokers who are having inferiority complex, low self-esteem and a sense of insecurity try to hide them from the world by doing smoking. These types of people are having a feeling of afraid so they are not giving up smoking and as such if they keep doing smoke due to some force then this fear would become a serious problem for them.

If these types of smokers decide to give up smoking then they would do more smoking until they actually give up the smoking. As such, if the smokers of this category are enough healthy then it would not be easy to insist them to quit smoking.

These smokers should believe in themselves and in their talents more than in cigarettes. If these smokers follow this then they will able to give up the smoke and will become a comfortable nonsmoker. They will feel confident, delightful and stress free person.

Smoking causes Lung Cancer

After World War I, the lung cancer incidents have been increased from 20 to 30 years. The Reader’s Digest published an article on «Cancer by the Carton,» which tell people about the side-effects of cigarette smoking.

Some more articles also have been published to stop smoking cigarettes. It has been proved by Medical advancements that smoking causes lung cancer. Instead of all these things, lung cancer is being the common diseases in the world.


In cigarettes, nicotine is a main material. In many countries, nicotine is a prohibited drug and it is much more addictive than other drugs like heroine. It has been proved by researches that in a day, smoking four cigarettes can enhance life-long addiction to nicotine. Some people think that smoking adds up in their personality and they cannot avoid smoking.

It is a symptom of addiction. The addiction is regarded as a sickness. The smokers feel satisfaction by doing smoking and it is a psychological pleasure for them. The thinking of smokers about the smoking is that it will make them feel relief after a hard day’s work. It is stated by one smoker that smoking gives him satisfaction which keeps him smoking and not the taste of the cigarette.

Side Effects of Nicotine

One of the effects of the nicotine is the increase of depression to smokers in comparison to non-smokers. There are people who are using smoking as for pass time and to be patient. Nicotine decreases tensions, worries and gives joy but it causes the difficulties in brain to process the information correctly. It has been proved that with the use of nicotine, it affects relaxation and sedation, arousal and alertness. It does not equal the harmful effect of nicotine addiction which is lung cancer and it can be serious and can leads to death even. The persons who are not able to give up smoking can think the positive effects of nicotine. These effects are for short-term but can be difficult for you.

Ingredients of Cigarette

Other than nicotine, Camel Cigarettes comprises of nitrogen oxide, cyanide, acetylene and carbon monoxide.

Psychosocial Factors

The reason of smoking can be due to psychosocial factors. The person will soon develop the habit smoking if he found smokers around him. As a person starts smoking, he got addictive nature and as such it will be difficult for him to give up smoking. The people are smoking with permissive attitude and do not worry which leads to increase the number of smokers.

The genetic variables also affect the smokers to keep on smoking. It influence the tendency of a person for smoking to the possibilities to quit smoking.

Enjoy Smoke Free Smoking with an Electronic Cigarette

Smoke free smoking might sound like a contradiction, but with an electronic cigarette you can enjoy the sensation of smoking without many of the negative effects associated with the habit. It’s time to face facts: smoking is not only bad for you, but even worse for any second hand sufferers around you. The electronic cigarette can now provide a safe and successful solution to the problem. Years of research and development have resulted in perfectly enjoyable and harmless electronic cigarettes which are free of the 40+ cancer causing compounds attributed to traditional smoking. But that’s not all.

Electronic cigarettes don’t just safeguard your own health, and the health of those around you. Smoking the electronic cigarette also prevents the bad breath and the smell upon your clothes, which traditional cigarettes are guilty of. As an electronic cigarette is reusable there are no cigarette butts to discard. What’s more, the electronic cigarette has the potential to prevent around 400, 000 smoking related deaths every year. When you’re stuck smoking regular cigarettes, you’re forced to constantly find acceptable places to do it. The modern world is a cleaner, greener, more socially and biologically aware place. It means that smokers are forced outside, in rain or shine, to feed their habit. But electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco; but only pure nicotine (just like quit smoking patches and chewing gum). It does not contain harmful amounts of carcinogens, tar or carbon and can be smoked indoors as a result.

Enjoy the physical and psychological pleasure of drawing on a cigarette, without any of the health hazards, by pulling on an electronic cigarette instead. The best electronic cigarette reviews can now provide a safe and successful solution on smoking. Many smokers every time think of quit smoking but they are not able to. They are ready to pay for every possible thing to come out of it but failed.